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the return to momotombo

We're not the team to settle with almost making it to the top of the mountai... volcano.

After we weren’t able to summit and get the first descent of the Nicaraguan volcano Momotombo, we knew we had to go back. The whole team was determined to make the most of the second chance.  

We came back with a focus on Momotombo, giving it the respect it deserved. We planned for four days on the mountain; one to scout, two to prep the line, and one to film. Bulletproof…ish. Momtombo had other plans, mid mountain we had to clear 100 yards of lava rocks, farther down we hacked through a small brush jungle, everyone went all in, it didn’t matter if they were running a camera or writing the music for the video. We spent our days baking on a volcanic frying pan.

The day came to see if Momotombo was going to cooperate with us. It took the guys about 6 hours to push to the ridge just below the summit and the rest is in the video.

41st Annual Telly Award Gold Winner!




Hey Mom & Dad,

Writing from the backseat of our tightly packed van! We are somewhere in southern Nicaragua mid 14-hour drive to our next spot in Costa Rica. The chemical makeup of the air in the van is swollen from the humidity and stale riding gear. Dense, moist molecules that we have to swim through to move. This is day five. To be honest, after three days of hiking and baking on a volcano with the same eight guys it is hard to decipher who or what a smell is. Thankfully we have a rum sponsor!

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