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Just to set the stage. We aren’t runners. Sure we hit a jog occasional, either to train for an upcoming project or get out of the rain (it’s Portland). So when we were asked by our friend Nils Arend, TSP instigator if we were interested in documenting it we were happy to help out but it wasn’t something that we thought we would love as much as we did.

The Speed Project is a 340-mile relay from LA to Vegas. Team’s run the race for no prize money or fame. Their attempt is unsupported and unsanctioned so they are on their own to do everything from get aid, to find their route. Of the 40 teams in this year’s TSP, double that of 2017 which was double from 2016, we chose an amazing team of runners from New York City, Take The Bridge. A solid team of six that we met the night before the race, and watched almost every step over the 41 hours it took them to get to the Vegas Strip.  To see a group of people band together, support each other and fight through sleep deprivation and exhaustion, to come out smiling was one of the most moving projects we have been apart of. We consider this whole team and their crew family.


Thank you to Matt, Jess, Felix, Colby, Katie and Franny for taking us along for the ride, you each owe us $1.80 for those Smirnoff Ice’s at the finish line. 

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