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Polaris [slingshot my20]

Three wheels, two thumbs up.

There is no other vehicle that looks like the Polaris Slingshot.  For just over a year we had the honor of working with the Polaris Slingshot team as they looked to launch their most dramatic installment of this ball of adrenaline. A new Polaris built motor pushes a new aggressive hood and grill design all while the driver and passenger sit in comfort amongst a lengthy list of designs to make the experience everything they could ever want.


Damn these things are fun to drive. And with several colorways that ready the owner for a night on the town, a hair raising drive to work or a casual weekend trip to the beach, we had to find a backdrop that offered as many options for both photo and video deliverables. We had to get these pieces of launch content just right.


Where else but Miami? We scouted and permitted over 14 locations to get driving and static shots with talent, bridges with a skyline backdrop from a camera crane, shooting a beach drive from a drone and dealing with the never tired South Beach club scene at 4:00a.m. We are extremely honored to work with the legendary team at Polaris and really proud to share the breadth of this campaign with the world. 

[SERIES videos]

[teaser videos]

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