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loosefest [malmedy, belgium]

LooseFest XL - Jean Claude Van Damn Fest Series is the BEST!

We met the Belgium Bomber Nico Vink in Nelson British Columbia a few years ago during another Fest Series Event; Kurt Sorge’s Hoff Fest.  Fast forward two years before he knew any better we convinced him to go to Nicaragua to ride volcanoes with us. So when he invited us to Belgium to help him with the content production portion of the event we packed our bags with our love of bread, beer and big jumps.


Fest Series is the best thing out there in the Mountain Bike game. Six of the best athletes in the world build and host their own events in their home countries for nothing but the sake of holding events that they feel should be in the world. Loosefest has nothing to prove to the outside world, the jumps are massive but that’s because Nico wants them that way. Nico and all of Fest deserves a brighter light shined upon them; they have the most pure approach to any sport we have seen in a long time. 

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