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EvoShield [catcher's gear]

The official gear of Major League Baseball.

Our partners at EvoShield hit us up with the news that in a few months they would be launching an all new catchers gear kit that would come out of the gates swinging by being the official gear of Major League Baseball. This gear fully evolved what catchers have been dealing with for decades. They lead with bringing the gel-to-shell technology from their batters gear to make the leg pads more comfortable and more effective. They continued to show their attention to detail by digging in deeper to players needs by making the chest pad form fitting, buckles more user friendly and stronger. 


Our challenge was to build out video and photo creative that matched these advancements… in December… in Chicago. So with a nod to Iron Man we built out a futuristic locker room space (lockers were the shape of the EvoShield logo) against a white cyc and had three days of shooting dramatic imagery that we were able to take back to the shop and apply some CG flair. 

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