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unseen transitions [drew bezanson]

BMX will always be at the core of who we are as a company.

Red Bull Dreamline is the reason we started, and thankfully helped keep us from working at tollbooths while we figured out how to run a business. So we jump at any chance to work in the space or with any of the athletes (well mostly any, like any industry some of them suck). 


Drew Bezanson hit us up and had a plan for winter break; head to America’s hat to the city of Calgary and film him at B-Line Bike Park in what was his first real edit in two years. Fighting through a few injuries Drew hadn’t had a chance to lay down the full speed and massive transfer approach he takes. So to say he was hungry is an understatement.


For two weeks we carried our gear and our jaws while he eyed up and attacked lines that only exist to someone with his ability…so just him!  Watching him work through crashes and come out the other side fanned the flames at the soul of our company and lit us up for another year! The Tim bits helped too. 



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