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TRAVEL: RIO - Made In Idaho

It’s no secret that I love to flyfish, and over the past four to five years, fly fishing has consumed my life. I have spent every waking moment thinking about fishing, planning trips, and subsequently working solely to pay for my fishing addiction. Finally, I don’t have to work to fish at a later time! We have been fortunate enough to land a gig in the fly-fishing world!

Over the next week we will be stationing in Idaho Falls, following around some of the best fly anglers in the west who also happen to be employees of RIO Products. We will be showcasing their passions for fly fishing, Idaho, and the fly fishing industry.

This is a project that is near and dear to my heart for obvious reasons, and I am both nervous and excited to embark on this adventure. Working on something that I am beyond passionate about is nerve-racking. I obviously want to do the best work possible, but more than that I want to do work that the fly fishing community will be proud of. I know that we will create timeless content, and the nervousness will subside as the first fish is landed, smiles are shared, and the clips are logged. I cannot wait to see the final outcome, and the passion that these individuals have will be forever captured on film.

It’s going to be undoubtedly an amazing experience, in some of the most beautiful locations on this earth.

- KC Badger

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