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REWIND: The Beginning of Dreamline (2011 in Minnesota)

There was an opportunity in BMX dirt jumping to supply the athletes what they weren’t getting; a proper course of perfect jumps, and a content format that allowed the absolute top level of riding from the best dirt jumpers from around the world.

The format was built off a simple idea, most of these athletes ride their best when they are relaxed and not under the strict pressures of a contest, so we made Dreamline not feel like a contest. We allowed the riders to choose when they wanted to ride and in what order, and instead of having several judges judge each run we allowed the riders to judge their piers and base their ranking off of the whole session. This allowed the two types of riders, style and trick, to compete on a level playing field.

A tour of the Midwest led us to a sleepy little town in Minnesota called Wabasha, the setting of Grumpy Old Men and the best chips and salsa in Minnesota! We were lucky enough to find perfect red clay on a side slope of the ski area giving us all the right ingredients. Once the athletes showed up it was on! Between the smiles, laughs and high fives were some of the most progressive and stylish contest runs ever laid down.

We cannot thank the athletes that traveled from near and far on their own dime for the trust and faith they put in the team behind Dreamline. It stands as our North Star for all of our work; to look for opportunities to give deserving people a soapbox to tell their stories.

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