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IN THE NEWS: 3D Printing Creates Physical Art Experience

Reaching outside the normal, we worked with Red Bull to create a media kit for band, Hustle & Drone, that would stand out from the rest. Working with 3D artist Kamanchi we created a physical representation of the band's latest album artwork. Combined with markers, the album and an action figure packaging we sent it around the county to increase the bands awareness.

"The battle musicians fight for notability has evolved with the rise of the Indie music scene. In many ways, Indie movements have aided rising talent to find their ideal audience; but standing out in the crowded fringes is just as difficult as standing out in the mainstream scene, especially as the lines between the two intersect and blur. Hustle and Drone is one band distancing themselves from anonymity with smooth electric beats, hypnotic vocals and vintage-inspired synthesizers; but to go the extra mile, they’ve picked up some 3D printing along the way..."

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