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REWIND: Best Slip and Slide Ever

It can be all fun and games! Coming off the success of Red Bull Winch Sessions, where a winch is used to bring sports to new playing fields with unexpected results, this idea was born. We brought together a group of todays most creative action sports athletes, led by Levi LaVallee, and gave them the ride of their life. A full day of shenanigans, laughs, and a fair amount of bruising.

The athletes stared down the barrel of a six-foot jump at the end of the slide as they tightly gripped the handle attached to a winch that can reach speeds up to 50 mph, all well being heckled by locals. It was a great idea to build this set up behind a bar on a lake in Minnesota! Since this hit the web several other slip and slides have been built, so sounds to us like we are going to have to go bigger next time, looking to contact the fine folks at ICY HOT if anyone has any connections over there.

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